Mission Ocean Reef

There is a business segment of undiscovered growth lying untouched within the sail boat yachting community. Sailing via charter yacht with an experienced crew is a decades old and long tested successful business endeavor when properly executed. The destinations are romantic and idyllic capturing the essence of luxury aboard the floating accommodations of a sail boat. Mission Ocean Reef seeks to add a never before experienced practice of combining all the usual, sought after wonders of sailing with the eco-practice of ocean reef restoration. This is a nascent industry that research shows to be of unique and high end interest for both the ecologically minded and those seeking a passionate, romantic vacation getaway. Of course, the experience can be structured to accommodate high end travel requests or pure educational participation and understanding. Regardless, it is a unique addition to an already successful business model operating worldwide.

Mission Ocean Reef will execute this strategy of combining the relaxing yacht experience in exotic locations with the reef restoration needs in various worldwide locations.


Passion drives decisions. Unprecedented economic opportunity is within the reach of those willing to connect their brands to the passion that drives us. An ecological mindset is a driver that is embedded in culture. A driver that manages the movement and attitude of people. It is not limited.  It is applicable to all market environments.  Perhaps the most important ecological imperative is Ocean Reef restoration. Coupled to yachting charters this initiative will drive the industry.

Sailboat chartering is a passion based business with major economic potential. Sailboat chartering that caters to the eco-tourism trade has demonstrated its ability to capture market and deliver resoundingly successful products. Now comes a sailboat charter business that is environmentally based not only delivering the successful, luxury excursion, but also delivering a hands on attachment to the most fundamental piece of ecology in the world; Ocean Reefs. Passion in the grips of the public customer.

“If an organization is determined to resist change, move out of the way because the wisdom of crowds has learned how to mobilize behind a compelling passion.”

~ Sean Howard

mission ocean reef